Alternative uses…

Here at Kids Army Shop we’re first and foremost a web-store for you and your youngsters to find all the tricks of the trade for an epic den building session or an evening of entertainment with masses of building bricks and awesome toys, however, we’ve discovered of late that a couple of our products can be used in a range of different ways…

First up, our TOY SOLDIERS!

We retail these bad-boys in bags of 50 for just £2.99. Which is a bit of a steal when you think of the many different uses they have! Why not use them as a quirky cake topper for your small person’s next birthday party, or integrate them into a picture frame or other crafty projects you might be embarking on! If you’re feeling REALLY arty then why not try building one of these amazing sculptures by Robert Bradford that incorporate kids’ toys!

Up next, CAMO TARP!

It comes in a range of sizes, but we recommend the 12ft x 9ft design for our alternative uses. This epic waterproof product is excellent for keeping your beloved motor dry during the unpredictable British weather! It should fit over most cars and can handle many weather conditions, so give it a try today! The tarps can also be used quite cleverly as a base underneath tables or anywhere else your little ones are about to eat their lunch or some snacks. It’s waterproof nature will protect your floors from gunk and stickiness!

We’re pretty sure our other items have a whole host of uses also, if you’ve discovered another purpose for one of the products you’ve purchased from us, give us a buzz, we’d love to know!