Mix & Match!

Here at KIDS ARMY SHOP we like to shout about the excellent sets & kits that we have on offer for you and your little solder’s to enjoy, for example there’s our MAMMOTH Jungle Explorer Kit, our EXCELLENT Kids Outdoor Adventure Kit and our AMAZING Ultimate Mission Kit, to name a few!

However, have you delved deeper into our website? More specifically the ‘accessories’ section of the webstore? If so, you’ll have noticed we have a wealth of mini treats at mini prices so you and the kids can put together your very own, UNIQUE kits!

If you’re struggling for ideas, we thought we’d put together an example for you …

Why not mix our WATERPROOF NOTEBOOK, ARMY MESS TIN SET & ARMY 3 IN 1 WHISTLE together to create your very own ‘Hunger Kit’. Let us explain … head out into the wilderness, a garden will suffice, with a couple of cheese sandwiches safely nestled in the army mess tin and use your imagination to note down all you can see in your notebook, next-door’s cat prowling through the bushes maybe? A pair of pigeons discussing the weather? What happens when the sandwiches run out we hear you cry? That’s what the whistle is for, blow it loud enough and your Mum/Dad will come a-running, hopefully, with extra supplies!

We want you to come up with your own KIT ideas, so head over to the ACCESSORIES part of the website and mix and match our product line … the more imaginative the better!